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Phyllis' super design process.

My Invention
My Invention

design process step

summary of the step 3-5 sentences

identify and define problem
My hair gets frizzy after i blow dry my hair. i will build a hair brush that has water coming out and you just have to fill it and it will be amazing!! there will be a tube attached to the hair brush and it will squirt water out when you brush your hair. Have you ever wanted to go out in public but couldn't because your hair was like 2 feet tall because of frizz? well mine wasn't 2 feet, but it was like 2 inches, it was a terrible day.
Brainstorm, design, and research
i am going to make a brush that squirts water when you brush your hair. it will help people when they have frizzy will help girls with all of the frizzy hair, and no one likes frizzy hair. Not even guys like frizzy hair. no more frizz monster. When you tip the brush, the water will come out of the tubes and into your hair.
build/ gather materials
Brush, tube (small), water, squirt gun, zip tyes, paper clip. I took a tube, and poked holes in it by making the clip really hot.. Then i taped the brush to the squirt gun. Then i zip tyed the tube down to the brush.thenI put water into the squirt gun.Then i put the tube onto the brush. And lastly,melted it onto the squirt gun.
When i tested it out, it kinda worked, but it kinda didn't. I mean it did it's job if keeping your hair down, but it also got your arm and shirt really wet. If i did this again, i would use the samemethod, i woud=ld just chane the direction of the holes in the tube.And how th etube was pointed.It is a really good invention, it would just be betterifit was done bysomeonewho knew what they were doing. I think it was fun, yet it made you think think think.
I had soooo much fun makeing this, and i think Mr. A did that on pourpose because it made us think flexibly, and out side the box. I hope you all had a really good time making your invention. I had to think out side the box alot and i hopeyou guys had to too. I hope you had as much fun on your design process as i did! I hoope i see you 3rd quarter with the design process!!!