Dakota Bryant's Engineering Page

My Engineering Animoto

What I did
1. Identify and Define the Problem
I love to read,but i get very tired of holding the book after
a long time. So yesterday, I was thinking of coming up with a way to read,
but not hold the book up with hands. So i thought of something. Kind of like a hangar of some sort to hang on basically anything,
to set your book on and not have to hold it!
2. Brainstorm/Design/Research
I took two pieces of wood and nailed them together glued in a hook and also glued in velcro strips. I looked it up, and their are other book type
hangars but none are like mine.
3. Build, Gather Objects
List of materials: Two velcro strips, a 6"x8" wood, a 4"x6" wood, cut preciscley 5 nails max, and 1 hook.
4. Testing and Evaluating
5. Share your Invention!!
I tested it yesterday with my teachers book and it went well, but I didnt bring my example.

My Blueprint of my Invention: The Book Holder!