design process step

id problem
Have you ever felt tired of having to hold the pen in that certain position for such a long time? What if it could just relax on your hand and you just have to guide the pencil with your hand? Life would be much easier, if you didn't loose that stinkin' pencil every time too! If it were on your hand firmly and securely, safe and sound, while you go on with your day, with a pencil ready to "pop out."
First of all, there needs to something that can adjust to the finger. It would be a ring like object. The ring object will be attached to preferably a small pen. This pen
will probably just be glued or taped to the ring. As I said, this is a crude creation. The ring will probably be plastic, and cheap. There might also be something that the tip of the finger will sit on to prevent sliding and to ensure control. This pen will not be a regular pen (approximately five inches long on average), as it will be too large and harder to handle. It would have to be a recently released "mini-pen". This would work best.
gather materials/build
First, I would need some tape, such as masking tape, scotch tape, or if required, duct-tape. I would have to put
test evaluate