Jareds Super Design Process Table
Design Process Step
3-5 Description of what I did.
Identify and Define the problem.
I saw a Janitor. He did not know which key went where. I need something that will hold many keys and have labels.
Brainstorm Design Research
Multi-pocketed thing with labels. Wood thing will slivers where the keys will slip. 2nd option is hard to label... long piece of material with rings to hang keys on, with labels under.
Gather Materials Build.
Ask Dad to go to store for materials. FAIL! Find Materials for option 3, cheap leather,(I think?) Wire or yarn, and something to punch holes with.
Build it.
. I did not know how to tie the yarn and keep it from retreating back through the holes.So instead I took an old video cord, cut it and used it. Put labels under different wire loops.
Test and Evaluate.
I tested it and tried putting keys in it. it worked relatively well. Things to be improved: Something stretchy to hold keys down better, a better design to make it more portable.
Sell and Market.
I don't think this thing would sell all that great. With improvements I think it could be used for people with lots of keys. It also has the potential to be sewn into clothing.